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Family Law

For all your family law needs, we can help

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Compensation Law

Injured at work, on the roads we can help.
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Estate Planning

Need a Will and other documents to take care of your assets. We can help.

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Business Law

For all your business law related issues, we can help you today.

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Litigation & Disputes

Are you involved in a legal dispute? Talk to our litigation lawyers.

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Top 5% of Lawyers in Australia

Australia Lawyers is a network of lawyers recognised as being in the top 5% of legal talent in Australia. Our lawyers provide high quality, innovative legal help to those who need it.

Our objective at Australia Lawyers is to provide legal help to people who want legal help from lawyers who have strong expertise and experience and a proven track-record in their relevant area of law.

Whatever your legal issue, Australia Lawyers can help you in a wide range of personal and business law related matters.

With our network of lawyers across Australia, Australia Lawyers takes the guesswork out of trying to find the very best legal help for your problem or challenge.

How Australia Lawyers Can Help You Today

Australia Lawyers is a network of Australia Lawyers who are recognised by leading industry groups at specialists in their respective practice areas.
Family Law

We can help you in all areas of family law, including separation, divorce, parenting and children’s matters.

Compensation Law

We can help you in all areas of compensation law, including work and road accidents and other claims.

Estate Planning

We can help you in all areas of estate planning, including wills, powers of attorney and estate disputes and administration.

Business Law

We can help you in all areas of business law, including structuring and compliance

Litigation & Disputes

We can help you in all matters relating to disputes, both commercial and personal.

Criminal Law

We can help you in all areas of criminal law, from traffic offences through to serious and highly complex criminal law matters.

Commonly Asked

We know at Australia Lawyers that legal issues can be overwhelming. The last thing you need is another problem on top of your legal problem. That’s why we take all the guess work out of trying to find the best lawyer for your issue. Here are answers to our commonly asked questions.

Why should I use Australia Lawyers to help me get the right lawyer for my problem?

Australia Lawyers was founded by Multi-Award Winning Lawyer Dan Toombs who saw time and time again the massive consequences when people choose the wrong lawyer. He observed that having the wrong lawyer often meant, unnecessary legal fees and very bad outcomes.

Choosing the right lawyer for most people is very difficult. The best lawyer for your legal matter is not the one who is number #1 in Google or the one that your well-meaning friend recommends. The best lawyer is one with solid, strong expertise and a proven track-record.

How Long Does it Take Australia Lawyers to Connect Me with a Lawyer?

Depending upon the complexity of your legal matter we’re usually able to introduce you to a hand-picked lawyer within 1 day. Often this can occur sooner.

However, if your legal matter is complex, it may take us a little more time to properly assess and categorise your issues into practice areas.

At Australia Lawyers we understand that your legal issue is very important to you. We choose not to rush referring you to a lawyer because we believe that is counter-productive to what you’re seeking Australia Lawyers to help you with.

Is Australia Lawyers Free For Me to Use?

Australia Lawyers is completely free for you to use. We do not charge you for our services in helping you find the best lawyer for your legal matter.

The only fees we are paid are from the lawyer who we refer you to. However, the lawyer we refer you too agrees that they will not on-forward the referral cost to your fees.

In other words, if you have a family law matter, we will refer you to a lawyer who we believe is well-matched to your particular circumstance. We do not charge you for this help.

Australia Lawyers is a completely free service for you to use.

Where are Australia Lawyers located?

Australia Lawyers is a network of lawyers across Australia. 

Regardless of your location, it’s likely that if your legal issue is one that we’re able to help with, one of our lawyers will be able to assist you.

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