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We know who they are! We will assess your legal matter and match you with a business lawyer with a proven track record.

“The best lawyer for your legal matter is not the one who ranks #1 in Google or is the one your best friend recommends.

Dan Toombs, Multi-Award Winning Lawyer & Founder

People with business law issues can often choose the wrong lawyer. We improve your prospects, big time!

At Best Lawyers we can connect you to business lawyers with a proven track record.

We Connect You to Best Lawyers for Free

We do not charge you for all the work we do connecting you to a great lawyer.

We Connect You to Best Lawyers Quickly

It usually takes us less than 12 hours to have your matter assessed and connected to a great lawyer.

Get Certainty About Your Legal Fees

Many of our family lawyers offer innovative fee arrangements, including deferred and/or fixed fees.

Take All the Guess Work Out of Trying to Find the Best Lawyer for Your Legal Matter

We hand pick our lawyers from a 10 point criteria.

Buying a Business

Possibly one of the biggest decisions you will make, we can connect you with awesome structuring lawyers.

Selling a Business

Often a complex issue involving multiple facets. We can connect you to an experience business succession lawyer.

Business Planning

Don't make a big mistake! Getting your legals right when you start a business is essential. We can help!


Lawyers with significant franchising experience can be hard to find. We can connect you with a franchising lawyer today!

Debt Recovery

Cash is the driver of a successful business. Not being paid can be catastrophic. Talk to our Debt Lawyers today.


We can help in all areas relating to employment, including agreements, as well as employee issues.

How Best Lawyers determine which are the best lawyers for your legal matter.

At Best Lawyers we use a range of criteria to determine which lawyer will best suit you.

We start by assessing your legal matter from the information you provide to us

We then categorise your issue into the relevant areas of legal practice

We match the practice areas with our hand-picked lawyers

We introduce you to our hand-picked lawyer

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We Will Help You Find the Best Lawyers for Your Legal Matter

At Best Lawyers our 3 key objectives in identifying the best lawyers for you are:

Strong expertise in the relevant area of law
Strong experience in the relevant area of law
Acknowledged by peers and colleagues as an expert in the relevant area of law