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David Sachs Construction Lawyer Sydney Construction Lawyer, David Sachs is a highly-regarded construction lawyer with over 25 years experience in all construction law matters from the most minor to the most complex. Get Help Now

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Our Construction Lawyers Sydney have the expertise and experience to help you resolve any construction law issues that you may have.

Our expertise includes everything from project structuring, contract reviews and dispute resolution.

At Australia Lawyers, we offer pragmatic and practical solutions to your construction law issues.

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David Sachs is one of Sydney’s leading construction lawyers. David has practiced construction law in New South Wales for over 25 years.

In the context of construction law, David works both reactively and proactively in all matters relating to construction law.

We Solve Building Disputes

Sydney is one of the busiest locations in Australia when it comes to construction within the vicinity of $1 billion being spent on residential building works. In the last year alone there have been 49,000 dwellings approved in New South Wales. The industry accounts for 10 percent of NSW’s economy with employment rates in construction at approximately 380,000 people.

Consequently given the sheer size of the construction industry in New South Wales, disputes are common place. Many disputes derive from a construction contract which can see people spending lots of money and time to resolve them. It’s imperative that you seek the advice from a Sydney construction lawyer with both strong expertise and experience working within the industry.

People involved in such disputes can make what proves to be a very expensive decision by not seeking advice or seeking legal advice from a lawyer who is not an expert in construction law matters.

Construction Contract Drafting & Advice

It all starts and ends with a contract. Our Sydney Construction Lawyers take a proactive approach to construction law ensuring that all types of contracts, including head contracts, consultant contracts, subcontractor agreements and any amendments to existing agreements are undertaken with expert precision.

Avoiding costly disputes starts with great legal advice and contract drafting which derives from thorough knowledge of the project and of course, drawing upon the expertise and experience of your construction lawyer.

Our Sydney Construction Law Services

David Sachs Construction Lawyer

David Sachs

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Construction Law Disputes

In relation to the former, if you’re involved in a construction law dispute it’s not uncommon. In fact, the Australian construction industry is regarded as being one of the most litigious and dispute-ridden industries. If you’re involved in such a dispute, it’s highly recommended that you seek legal advice promptly by our construction lawyers, Sydney. Like most disputes, they have a tendency to get worse the longer they’re left alone.

In resolving your construction law dispute, the other thing you need to know is that alternate dispute resolution is heavily used to reach agreement between those who are in dispute.

Construction Law Advice

It goes without saying that taking a proactive approach to your construction law matters significantly minimises the risks of things going wrong in the future. In fact, in the far majority of cases that end in dispute it’s invariably the case that the proactive work of getting things right at the front-end simply wasn’t done. Consequently, in these cases the clean-up is both expensive and time-consuming.

In this context, Sydney Construction Lawyer, David Sachs can assist you in all matters relating to contract drafting, review and advice.

David can assist in all types of contractual matters, including the setting up of Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) arrangements and of course, the preparation of NDAs, EOIs and RFTs drafting contracts. Our contract work includes a diverse range of drafting documents and contract administration, in particular, head contracts, consultant contracts, subcontractor agreements and any amendments to existing agreements.

We can also assist in the provision of advice on construction security for payment claims, all development applications, liability matters and insurance claims.

Types of Work

Our Construction Lawyers, Sydney can assist in the following matters:

  • Complex government, commercial & industrial projects
  • Multi-storey developments in Sydney and surrounding areas
  • House construction, renovations, additions in Sydney and surrounding areas
  • Any claims under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act.
  • Interpreting contracts & construction contract advice
  • Representation at all relevant Tribunals & Courts
  • Insurance claims advice
  • Managing construction project risk
  • All types of building claims dispute resolution
  • All types of construction litigation
  • Building & Construction Industry Security of Payment Act
  • All Construction claims (builder, homeowner etc)
  • Development Applications – Sydney Local Council
  • All types of Development Applications – Land & Environment Court NSW
  • Claims of Professional liability & negligence
  • All types of home warranty claims
  • Advice and representation in arbitration & mediation
  • All matters relating to the Home Building Act 1989

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