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People with family law issues spend a lot of time with their family lawyer. The best thing you can do is to ensure that you work with a family lawyer with a proven track record.

At Australia Lawyers, we take the guesswork out of trying to find the best family lawyers for your family law matter.

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Many of our family lawyers offer innovative fee arrangements, including deferred and/or fixed fees.

Separation & Divorce

Considering separation or divorce? Australia Lawyers can help you today.

Divorce Lawyers & Solicitors in Australia

Property Settlements

We can help you in all property settlements matters relating to your family law dispute.

Property Settlement Lawyers & Solicitors in Australia

Parenting & Children’s Disputes

We can help you in all areas relating to parenting and children’s matters.

Parenting Lawyers & Solicitors in Australia

Agreements & Orders

We can assist you in the drafting of agreements relating to property and parenting and have them finalised by the Court.

Agreements & Orders


We can help you resolve your family law matter without litigation and expensive court fees.

Mediation Lawyers & Solicitors in Australia

Child Support

We can help you in all areas of relating to child support matters.

Child Support Lawyers & Solicitors in Australia

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