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Why Your Law Firm Should Consider Joining Best Lawyers

My name is Dan Toombs, I'm a lawyer and I founded Best Lawyers approximately 10 years ago. At the same time, I started a marketing agency for law firms, Fast Firms that since has become Australia's leading law firm marketing company working with law firms in Australia and the United States.

The primary objective of Best Lawyers is to help people who have a legal issue find the best possible lawyer.

The secondary objective is to help law firms grow through both the access of this lead generation platform, as well as to grow through working with a complete end to end marketing agency.

The third objective, equally as powerful as the former 2, is leverage the volume of law firms within the Best Lawyers network to grow market share within the Australian legal industry through the economies of scale.

If your law firm is interested in applying to be a part of our network of law firms who belong to Best Lawyers, here are some key benefits:

  • through our marketing of Best Lawyers, avail opportunities for your firm to get clients from additional marketing channels;

  • filtered lead generation specific to your law firm's practice areas and location

  • amplify your firm's buying power only achievable by being part of a large network of other law firms

  • complete website design, development management and proven law firm marketing strategies

  • access to our comprehensive expert marketing and design services

  • access to pooled marketing tools, resources and software

  • leveraged marketing insight into what works and what doesn't through our experience of marketing law firms successfully for over 10 years.

If your law firm is interested, please be aware that the opportunities are limited. We do not offer access to the Best Lawyers platform and affiliated services and benefits for firms who are in direct competition with each other.

Furthermore, in keeping with our primary objective to provide quality legal help to those who seek it through Best Lawyers, we undertake due diligence of those law firms wishing to be a part of our network.