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If you have a family law issue, like most legal matters, the longer you leave it the worse it can get.

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In family law matters, getting prompt legal advice is smart. If you have separated or are contemplating separation, or have other family law issues, our Parramatta family lawyers can help.

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In family law, we understand that seeking advice is crucial. Our Parramatta Family Lawyers will likely be able to speak to you today.

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Having a sense of how much family law matters cost is crucial. Many of our Parramatta Family Lawyers offer fixed-fee legal help.

Separation & Divorce

Separation and divorce can be immensely stressful. It’s likely that not only are you dealing with the emotional turmoil yourself, but you’re also having to support your children and possibly other family members through it.

In this context, getting legal help from one of our Parramatta Family Lawyers is recommended, even if it’s just for initial advice. This will assist you better understand the road ahead from a family law perspective.

Property Settlements

Making sure you and your children are financially supported following separation is vitally important. The sooner you take care of your property settlement the better. Our Parramatta Family Lawyers recommend that you take care of this soon after separation. By doing this,. you will ease the financial pressure upon yourself and those you are caring for.

Our Parramatta Family Lawyers can help you in all matters relating to property settlement.

Parenting & Children's Disputes

It goes without saying that the most important people to look after following separation is your children. Parenting can often be a contentious issue between parents, but like other family law matters, it’s best to resolve the issues sooner rather than later.

If you and your ex-partner can reach agreement in regard to the parenting matters of your children, our Parramatta Family Lawyers can draft the relevant agreement and have it endorsed by the Court. This agreement is called consent orders and they’re very important in ensuring stability for your children.

Contact our Parramatta Family Lawyers to find out more about parenting plans and consent orders.

Agreements & Orders

If you and your partner have recently separated, it is important to get a parenting agreement in place. This can be an oral agreement, a written parenting plan or a consent order. Either way, it is imperative that you and your former spouse consider the wellbeing of your child.

Reaching early agreement on those family law matters that are in dispute is always the objective of our Parramatta Family Lawyers. In this context, we can help you and your ex-partner reach agreement in a wide range of matters including both parenting and property.

At Parramatta Family Lawyers we can also help you with binding financial agreements (prenups).


Mediation is a very effective ay for couples in dispute to resolve matters. Mediation is significantly faster and more cost-effective than family law litigation.

Talk with our Parramatta Family Lawyers about assisting you with mediation today.

Child Support

If you are involved in a family law dispute regarding your children, our Parramatta Family Lawyers can help.

Children’s matters should be resolved promptly to avoid ongoing turmoil for them, yourself and your ex-partner.

Our Parramatta Family Lawyers are resolution-focused and can assist you with all matters relating to children, including child support matters.

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    How Do Parramatta Family Lawyers Charge?

    Depending upon the nature of your family law dispute, our Parramatta Family Lawyers can work for you on a pay as you go model, or possibly a fixed fee or deferred payment plan.

    How Long Do Family Law Matters Take?

    The more prepared you and your ex-partner are to resolve your family law matter will dictate how quickly your matter can be finalised. Family law disputes can be resolved in a matter of weeks for some couples, yet others in high-conflict will be immersed in litigation for years.

    I’m Thinking About Separation, What Should I Do?

    Separation is a big step. Importantly, disregard any quasi-legal advice you receive from well-intentioned friends and family and seek qualified legal help. Many myths pervade family law and if taken as gospel can significantly hinder the resolution of your family law matters.

    Talk to one of our Parramatta Lawyers today.

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