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Family Law

For all your family law needs, we can help

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Compensation Law

Injured at work, on the roads we can help.

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Estate Planning

Need a Will and other documents to take care of your assets. We can help.

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Business Law

For all your business law related issues, we can help you today.

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Litigation & Disputes

Are you involved in a legal dispute? Talk to our litigation lawyers.

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Criminal Law

Charged with a traffic or criminal law offence, we can help.

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Best Ipswich Lawyers

If you have a legal problem, the most important decision you have to make is choosing the best lawyer in Ipswich.

At Australia Lawyers, we have ready to help you now with your legal issue.

At Australia Lawyers, we take the guesswork out of trying to find the best Ipswich Lawyers for your legal matter.

How Australia Lawyers
Can Help You Today

At Australia Lawyers, we have a team of lawyers who can help you today with your legal matter.
Family Law

We can help you in all areas of family law, including separation, parenting, divorce and children’s matters.

Compensation Law

We can help you in all areas of compensation law, including work and road accidents and other claims.

Estate Planning

We can help you in all areas of estate planning, including wills, powers of attorney and estate disputes and administration.

Business Law

We can help you in all areas of business law, including structuring and compliance

Litigation & Disputes

We can help you in all matters relating to disputes, both commercial and personal.

Criminal Law

We can help you in all areas of criminal law, from traffic offences through to serious and highly complex criminal law matters.

Ipswich Solicitors

We know at Australia Lawyers that legal issues can be overwhelming. The last thing you need is another problem on top of your legal problem. That’s why we take all the guess work out of trying to find the best lawyer for your issue. Here are answers to our commonly asked questions.

Find a Best Lawyer in Ipswich, Queensland

At Australia Lawyers, we have been looking after all of the legal needs of the people located in Ipswich and surrounding areas.

Our local team of expert lawyers work exclusively in criminal law, family law, compensation law, employment law, business law and wills and estate law.

We are passionate about helping the Ipswich community access expert legal advice, no matter your circumstances.

Ipswich Family Lawyers

Going through a relationship or marriage break down can be an emotionally and distressing time for everyone involved. We understand the intensity of such matters and are committed to ensuring you receive a supportive and common-sense solution to your legal matter.

Our family lawyers are renowned for providing the very best advice to guarantee a workable solution. We can assist you with de-facto relationships, civil unions, property settlements, child support, consent orders along with any family law matters you may have.

Ipswich Criminal Lawyers

At Australia lawyers, we are renowned for providing expert advice and strong representation to cater for a wide array of legal matters. Our criminal lawyers are adequately experienced in representing clients in local, state and federal courts.

Facing a criminal charge with a criminal office can be a distressing time. You can lose your freedom, your job, your family etc. Our criminal lawyers are familiar with these consequences and are committed to ensuring you receive the best outcome possible.

Ipswich Compensation Lawyers

At Australia Lawyers, we are experienced in all areas of compensation law.

We can assist you with vehicle accidents and workplace injuries, medical negligence, workers compensation and any other matters relative to compensation law. Our compensation lawyers are dedicated to ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve and will make sure you are aware of your rights and obligations.

Our compensation lawyers are committed to each and every client and will provide you with the right advice and support to receive the best outcome possible with integrity.

Ipswich Employment Lawyers

Seeking advice from an employment lawyer is commonplace for most employers and employees. Our employment lawyers are renowned for providing the right advice to ensure you are working in a fair environment throughout the duration of your career.

If you have been wronged in the working place, our employment lawyers will advise you on the options available to your relating specifically to your employment. Our employment lawyers are committed to cooperating with you to ensure you are rewarded with fair employment rights.

Ipswich Business Lawyers

Here at Australia Lawyers, we are experienced in all areas of business law ranging from the sale and purchases of businesses, company franchising, commercial leasing, director’s duties and any other business law matters you may have pressing.

Our business lawyers are committed to guiding you towards the most appropriate decision for your current or future business to set your business up accordingly. Our Ipswich business lawyers are renowned for our professionalism, and promptness towards all business law matters.

Ipswich Wills and Estate Lawyers

At Australia Lawyers, we are a team of dedicated lawyers who practice primarily in the area of Wills and Estate law. Our friendly team of experts can assist you with the preparation of your will, preparation of enduring your power of attorney, creating a testamentary trust, transfer of your estate and many more wills and estate matters relevant to you or your family member.